Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why you need a kitchen designer

Designing a kitchen can be one of the most rewarding projects you ever undertake. But, without the proper planning and expertise, it can quickly turn into a huge nightmare. When designing or redesigning your kitchen, it's always best to collaborate with an expert in kitchen design, so that throughout the project you have the peace of mind you're going to end up with your dream kitchen. 

For more information about the benefits of working with a kitchen designer, read on below:


When you work with a kitchen designer, you'll be ensuring you are getting the most out of the budget you've set aside for your kitchen design. Your designer will be an expert in the materials that you can use throughout your kitchen, advising on which materials will best suit the different purposes you're using them for. 

They're also likely to know other industry experts who could offer discounts - up to, at times, trade prices - and can advise on trusted partners to build and fit your kitchen. Overall, the cost of working with a kitchen designer makes the project of redesigning your kitchen all together more cost efficient than if you choose not to. 

Practical and perfect 

A kitchen design isn't just about aesthetics - it also has to be functional and work efficiently as a space to cook, eat, host and socialise in. A kitchen designer will be able to unify both function and comfort, taking your tastes and ensuring they work in a practical kitchen space. If you've never been through a kitchen design before, it's easy to get carried away with gadgets, shiny surfaces and finishing touches, but your kitchen designer will ensure the kitchen you end up with, both works and looks exactly how you wanted. 

Built to last 

From materials knowledge to insider tips about the latest trends in kitchen design and technology, your designer will be able to work with you to design a kitchen that's built to last! The more open you can be about your future plans for your house and your family, the greater ability your designer will have in creating a central room in your home. 

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


bedrooms nottingham

Designing a bedroom can be a challenging task. As this is the one room which you use on a regular basis, it is important to add a bit of your style and personality in it.
Here are the six bedroom design mistakes which you should avoid:

Do not place bed against the wall
While beds which have been pushed up against the wall create an illusion of having more space, this is a common design mistake which you should avoid at all costs. Whether you live alone or with someone, it is important to have a better sense of space and layout in your bedroom. Hence, while designing your bedroom, leave enough space around the sides and back of your bed.

Avoid cluttering your room
A cluttered house is not only dangerous for children but can also lead to unnecessary stress. Too many personal items such as frames, bottles, make-up etc. crowding various surfaces in your room can make it look untidy and cluttered.

Find the right size of furniture pieces
While designing a room, make sure that you are not adding furniture just because you like it. Every piece of furniture must properly fit into the overall theme of your bedroom. Also, ensure that you do not have oversized furniture as it can make your bedroom look smaller. For example, having a large wardrobe might sound exciting, but it severely limits your walking space. Hence, look for furniture that is the right size for your bedroom.
You can have perfect sliding and fitted wardrobes from Design Time.

Make sure to have at least a foot of walking space
A good rule of thumb is to leave a space of one-foot between the bed and other pieces of furniture. This will allow you to walk around in your bedroom without bumping into furniture. If your bed is too large, consider getting rid of the extra furniture. You can also choose to buy a smaller bed.

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