Thursday, 29 October 2015

Do you want a new kitchen in time for Christmas? Look no further than Design Time

Christmas is just around the corner! And for many of us that means getting the family together for meals cooked at home with all our 'secret' recipes. It is a time of good spirits and holiday cheer when the family sits around the table and enjoys the Christmas lunches we've prepared. But we may take a look around our kitchen and realise that its looking old, dowdy and needs a few repairs. It may also need some new appliances. After all, you don't want the element in your oven letting you down on Christmas day! 
So, perhaps the best thing to do, not only for you and your family, but for the value of your home, is to install a new kitchen! Sounds costly? Not at all! The experts in kitchen design, Design Time, are there to help. Not only do we stock the best Nottingham kitchens, but their prices fit any budget and any taste. Not to mention that the quality of our kitchens are top notch! 
We offer a wide array of kitchen designs. You may be a person who likes a slick home and keeps everything pretty up-to-date. In that case, look no further than our Contemporary Kitchens range for a clutter free look. You want something homely? We have an extensive Traditional Kitchens range too for you to choose from. If you are truly after luxury then look no further than our Bespoke Kitchen range. This will be designed from the most beautiful materials to perfectly fit your home. If you really love wood, but want something trendy and cheery try our Painted Timber designs. Our Classic designs  will fit any elegant home, and our German kitchens are for those that want everything as slick as possible.
We use Burbidge Crafted designs for our kitchens, and Nobilia Design for our contemporary German Kitchens. We use the best materials and have solutions for all your kitchen problems, like perfectly fitted inner linings for your larger kitchen utensils with them fitting exactly where you want them. 

Our kitchens start at £7,995 including design and installation, an unbeatable price for the build quality! So for real quality that you can afford, go to our website or visit our showrooms for advice and great inspiration!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Do you want a new bathroom in time for Christmas? Look no further than Design Time!

Christmas is fast approaching. This means opening your home up your family and friends alike. No room for tired looking bathrooms. So open your home up this Christmas with a beautiful new bathroom for your friends and family to admire and enjoy. Design Time's  bathrooms are of superb quality and look stunning. We have bathrooms by some of the UKs best bathroom designers, so why not spoil yourself and your home to a new, beautiful bathroom that evokes style and taste without losing functionality?
 For the best Nottingham bathrooms look no further. Design Time has it all. We offer design and installation, or delivery only, depending on your needs. Our ethos is to provide quality bathrooms that fit your budget but don't compromise on quality. One thing you can count on is excellent and competitive prices all year round. Vileroy and Boch are regarded as one of the leaders in bathroom design and Design Time is one of the trusted suppliers of these high quality bathroom pieces. At our Nottingham showroom you can find stunning quality fittings from sanitary ware, furniture and tiles. 
Design Time also has the honour of supplying Roper Rhodes bathroom fittings and designs which are renowned for their top quality and excellent finishes. As one of the UK's top bathroom suppliers with over 30 years worth of experience in the industry, Roper Rhodes is a brand that can be trusted to supply the absolute best of everything bathroom-wise. 
However, our design suppliers don't stop there. We also stock Roca, Grohe, and Matiki to name a few. We say whatever your budget or taste might be, we can provide you with a superbly designed bathroom at a price that's right for you. We work with any size bathroom and can go from toilet rooms, to basins, to baths and shower rooms. Through the understanding that a bathroom is not just a place of necessity, but a space that should be enjoyed along with all the other spaces in your house We always take your needs into account as our priority.
So wow your family and spoil yourself this Christmas! Visit our website or our store for professional advice you won't be disappointed about, guaranteed.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Create your own little bathroom haven in your own home

We all need a haven of rest and relaxation in our home. That place you can escape to, relax and let your thoughts wander away. But at the same time we need the basics of functionality, ease of use, and above all, quality. So what better place to have this escape from the world than in your bathroom? A bathroom is more than just getting clean. It should be an experience akin to a spa where you walk in tired, enjoy the steaminess of the water, soak up the delicious essences of body washes and essential bath oils and cleanse not only your body, but your spirit. And where else do you go for great bathroom design than Design Time?
Design Time has one of the most fantastic and well crafted bathroom features of any design house offering bathrooms. You are fabulously spoilt for choice when it comes to all aspects of bathroom design, allowing you to have that great bathroom experience again and again. In fact, our bathrooms are so luxurious yet functional that  you will never think of them in the same way again.
Our show room contains a wide variety of styles and features that we have available for you. Every taste has been catered for and the quality of the bathrooms are superb. We stock the legendary Roper Rhodes bathroom design pieces. Roper Rhodes has been going for over 30 years and has the guarantee of being one of the best bathroom suppliers in the UK. We also stock the Villeroy and Boch bathroom design pieces which have a unique quality all of their own.
Roper Rhodes bathrooms offer different designs from the charming and quirky Esta to the organic looking Main. They also have the super functional Mia. But don't let their bathroom designs limit you. On our website you can move all your favourite pieces onto one mood board so we here at Design Time can put together a unique bathroom just for you.  Villeroy and Boch  offer designs such as Amadea which is a very country-oriented design to Memento which is ultra sleek and functional. Again, there are no limits here. Just choose for your mood board and we will design something special for you.
Our fittings are great too. We offer quality, understated taps, beautiful counters and sinks, utility features such as discreet storage drawers, mood lighting and off course, sumptuous baths where you can spend hours of your time
Come and see our bathroom designs at our Nottingham bathroom showroom, or visit our website to begin creating the bathroom of your dreams!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Your "bath" room should be just that - we can provide the bath of your dreams

Although we refer to it as a bathroom, many people nowadays forget the most important aspect of this room when considering bathroom design. It isn't called a "bath" room for nothing, which is why Design Time places a special emphasis on choosing the right bath for all of our Nottingham bathroom clients. 
While some people may be ok with just having a shower in their bathroom, we understand the importance of being able to enjoy a relaxing, luxurious bath after a long, hard day of work. This is why we are proud to offer such a huge range of baths to all of our customers who choose us to help design their bathrooms in Nottingham. Whether you're searching for a jacuzzi tub, spa or just an enormous bath, you are sure to find something in our selection that perfectly fits your style and can help provide the dream bathroom you've always desired.
Not only do we have a wide range baths in nearly any shape, size, colour or style imaginable, but our team of experts can help guide you through the entire design and installation process. Plus, we only carry the best, working with such notable designers as Villeroy and Boch, Roper Rhodes, Grohe, Majestic, Viega and more to help provide our customers with the highest quality, exquisite, stylish bathroom furnishings.
No matter what you have in mind, the team at Design Time can help you make the bathroom of your dreams a reality. What's more, we will guide you through the installation process, taking care of all of the details in order to allow you to focus on the more important things, like deciding exactly which type and style of bath is right for you. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you are satisfied with your new bath and that it works just as it should.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the most beautiful bathrooms at competitive prices, and we work hard to ensure that your new bathroom is customized to fit your personal requirements and your own sense of style. So, if you're considering installing a new bath in your home or are looking to design the bathroom of your dreams, why not let Design Time help? To discuss your options and see what types of Nottingham bathrooms and baths we offer, visit our website, give us a call or stop by our showroom and let our professional team guide you on the path to your new bath.