Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nottingham Kitchen Design at Design Time

If you live in Nottingham and have decided that you want a new kitchen then Design Time, the top kitchen design company in the area, is a great place to go. We are different from other Nottingham kitchen companies for one reason – we are a one-stop shop that does everything for you from start to finish. Whether you want a contemporary kitchen, a classic kitchen or painted timber kitchen range we have something that will appeal to your taste. And we don’t restrict our clients to our designs either – come to us with your ideas and we will include them in your remodel.

Our kitchen designs are comprehensive and include everything a kitchen could need. We have kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors, kitchen worktops, corner storage, larder units, flooring and even Bosch and CDA appliances. What’s more, we work with only top manufacturers so that we can provide our clients with kitchens that will last them for years. Our suppliers include companies like Villeroy & Boch, Roca, Burbidge, Silestone, Britannia and Karndean.

Our guarantee is proof of the quality of our kitchens. We know that kitchens are expensive and anyone who has one installed wants to be sure that they will not be spending money on it any time soon. That is why we offer all our clients deposit insurance as well as a 10 year backed guarantee. We are members of the Consumer Protection Association which requires us to do these things. The CPA is charged with eliminating unscrupulous vendors and also raising standards for consumers. They do a thorough inspection every year to ensure that we meet their rigorous requirements.

Not sure what your completed kitchen will look like? Don’t worry; we have a showroom that you can walk through. You can either come to our shop or you can go online on our website and do a virtual walkthrough. We have varied kitchens that you can choose from and in the shop there are people on hand to help you choose the best kitchens and accessories for your needs. Customers can mix and match pieces to their liking.

Our prices are also the most competitive for Nottingham kitchens. Compare what we charge with other companies in the area and you will find that we are the cheapest for the quality of kitchens and service that we offer.

You can find out more about Design Time by calling us on 01159 81 89 81 or visit our website, to see different kitchens.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Nottingham Bathroom Design at Design Time

Adding an improvement to the home is a big decision and one that requires a lot of consideration and planning. People planning an update or improvement to the home often focus on the areas that bother them the most. Sometimes a person gets sick and tired of looking at the same old decor and designs that may be decades old. When something bothers a person that much it’s typically time to consider an update.

One area that is commonly chosen for an update is the bathroom. Looking at the same bathroom year after year can finally become a source of annoyance. Finally a homeowner will decide that it’s time to upgrade the bathroom to a more contemporary or lovely design. For lovely bathrooms to be designed a person will typically hire a design company like Nottingham’s own Design Time.

At Design Time, Nottingham bathrooms are made and designed according to the customer’s needs and desires. This allows you to have full input over all of the decisions so that you can have exactly what you need. Design Time can help you choose accessories, designs, and even new bathroom fixtures that will complement your ideals and desires for the perfect room. You will no longer have to look at an outdated room if you can get it completely redesigned to your customisations.

There are new shower choices to allow you to have a more comfortable shower space and a more modern appearance that fits with current trends and personal tastes. Some people love to come home and take a long shower. Older showers often don’t have a very good output of water and aren't nearly as modern in appearance. An updated shower head can make a big difference in the quality of the water flow and also in the way it looks. It can match the rest of the bathroom and give it that updated look while also supplying a better shower. Baths can also be added to the bathrooms Nottingham design. Older baths have the same issue that older shows have. The appearance becomes dated, they become less comfortable, and they are simply not doing their job. An updated bathtub can give a person a much better bathing experience and a more sleek-looking bathroom overall.

If you decide to update your Nottingham bathrooms, you can consult with a company like Design Time for an affordable and customized purchasing experience. Feel free to call us or visit our website online at

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Full Service from Design Time

The Full Service from Design Time

Look up the words kitchens Nottingham or bathrooms Nottingham on the internet and you will see that there are several companies that offer kitchen and bathroom design in the area. The truth is that none of them compares to Design Time, the best kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design consultancy company in the area. We are also the best flooring Nottingham provider. We provide a start to finish service, taking our clients all the way from conception of design using photos to the end when the project is complete.

What makes Design Time unique?

There are several reasons why we have continued to stand out over the years:

•    All out clients get a dedicated designer; our aim is personalise the service. Clients can call their designer any time with ideas, questions or concerns.

•    We manage your project fully including getting you all the permits that may be needed for building work. Getting these documents is usually a hassle that we are keen for our clients to avoid.

•    We have a great range of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom installations that our clients can choose from. You can come to our showroom to have a look but if you don’t have time how about you just go online for a virtual walkthrough?

•    We never start a project until we do photo design with our state of the art design software. This way, we can make necessary modifications on time and clients can also see what their completed projects will look like.

•    All our solutions are bespoke; when it comes to interior design no two people are alike. That is why we tailor our solutions – bring your ideas to us and let us show you what we can do with them.

•    Our guarantees are like none other – we give our clients a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all installations. It is our way of showing that we are confident about our products and our workmanship.

•    Design Time does not have any false offer – you get what we promise you. In fact, we don’t do hard sells – we let clients see for themselves what we can do for them and let them make up their minds about whether to choose us.

•    Not sure yet? How about you visit our testimonials page and see what our clients are saying about us?

Call us today for a free consultation on 01159 81 89 81 or visit our website,